Sunday, July 16, 2017

REACHING YOUR AUDIENCE, by David Marglois, President, Syndicated Ad Features

One way that the effectiveness of advertising can be assessed is on the basis of its ability to reach potential customers, patients, and clients. Business owners and other professionals want to know how many people see their advertising. When the medium is television, local TV stations will inform their advertisers as to how many people watch each show. However, it remains anyone’s guess as to how many viewers actually watch the commercial. The same might be said of radio listeners  who switch stations when an ad airs.

As far as local newspapers are concerned, advertisers know they target a local audience, and circulation numbers give a good idea of market saturation. These two factors help ensure that our clients will reach their intended audience. Beyond that, our clients can customize the advertising that we provide them to elicit feedback from readers that will help them gauge the effectiveness of our advertising program.
We are proud to say that many of our clients are personally approached by local readers of their advertised newspaper columns who simply want to say how much they enjoy reading what they have to say  each week.   

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