Sunday, September 10, 2017

FACE FIRST, by David Margolis, Syndicated Ad Features

We do not claim to have invented the “selfie,” but each of the advertisements run by our clients features a picture of his or her face at the top. The reasoning behind this effective self-promotion tactic is quite simple. We all feel compelled to look at faces. Starting as babies, we are fascinated by the human visage and feel the need to make a connection. If we look at two photos side by side, our gaze would be drawn to the one that has faces before we look at the one showing a landscape. When we scan a newspaper, a TV screen, or a billboard, our eyes are automatically drawn first to pictures of the human face.
            With this in mind, it has always been our policy to draw readers to the faces of our clients in their advertisements so that they can make a quick determination of accessibility and trust. To further flesh out our clients’ products, services, and abilities, we provide detailed text that explains what and how they can meet consumers’ needs. That way, consumers get the full picture.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

WE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO, by David Margolis, President, Syndicated Ad Features

Whether you are a dentist, financial adviser, insurance broker, jeweler, ophthalmologist, automobile technician/dealership, orthopedic surgeon, funeral director, physical therapist, real estate agent/broker, pharmacist, chiropractor, dermatologist, or other professional, we have an advertising program that is specifically designed to explain what you do to the public. By providing our clients with an unending series of informational advertising copy that explains their services/products/techniques, they get to familiarize themselves with prospective clients, consumers, and patients. 

With this in mind, readers of our columns can get a clear idea of what each of our clients does. If information is power, there is no more powerful way to advertise. Today’s consumers have gotten very used to the fact that they can learn all they want about any subject by simply pressing a key. Whether our clients choose to advertise in their local newspapers and/or their websites, our advertising copy provides them with the information they need to attract interested eyes.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

WE COME AS ADVERTISED by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

An advertising agency does not stay in business for 50 years without having a proven strategy and a solid record of success. We at Syndicated Ad Features have been helping thousands of clients in dozens of professions, businesses, and service industries to introduce themselves to the public and explain what they do. As an established company that disseminates cutting-edge ideas, we are a solid, consistent, highly reputable advertising firm that offers a cost-effective advertising strategy that fits the budgets of even the smallest one-person businesses. Our repeat clients can offer testimony to the fact that our advertising plan attracts business year after year without becoming stale. In fact, one of the cornerstones of our advertising strategy is that consumers look forward to reading our advertising with the prospect that they are going to learn something new.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ARE YOU REPEATING YOURSELF? by David Margolis, Syndicated Ad Features

While it is important to advertise regularly and consistently, that does not necessarily mean that you run the same ad over and over again. Just as no one wants to hear someone tell the same joke repeatedly, readers are likely to skip an advertisement they have already seen. With this in mind, the Syndicated Ad Features formula encourages our clients to use the same format with different ad copy every time they run their ads. This strategy breeds reader familiarity with our clients’ faces and names by running each of their ads with their pictures and bylines. However, each ad contains different ad copy pertaining to our clients’ professions or business pursuits. That way, readers can look forward to something new each week. Think of our ads as a hit TV show without any reruns.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

REACHING YOUR AUDIENCE, by David Marglois, President, Syndicated Ad Features

One way that the effectiveness of advertising can be assessed is on the basis of its ability to reach potential customers, patients, and clients. Business owners and other professionals want to know how many people see their advertising. When the medium is television, local TV stations will inform their advertisers as to how many people watch each show. However, it remains anyone’s guess as to how many viewers actually watch the commercial. The same might be said of radio listeners  who switch stations when an ad airs.

As far as local newspapers are concerned, advertisers know they target a local audience, and circulation numbers give a good idea of market saturation. These two factors help ensure that our clients will reach their intended audience. Beyond that, our clients can customize the advertising that we provide them to elicit feedback from readers that will help them gauge the effectiveness of our advertising program.
We are proud to say that many of our clients are personally approached by local readers of their advertised newspaper columns who simply want to say how much they enjoy reading what they have to say  each week.