Sunday, March 5, 2017

TEXT SELLS! by David Margolis, President, Syndicated Ad Features

It is often said that “sex sells”, but I know that I have never purchased a car on the basis of how a female model looks strewn across its hood. I tend to purchase vehicles for their handling, performance, safety, mileage, comfort, resale value, cost, reliability, and numerous other factors that I can glean from the window sticker and other sources of information. While a sexy image may initially draw attention, it lacks the substance needed to close the deal- unless, of course, you are buying a pair of fashion jeans.

Our advertising relies on the images of our clients to draw attention to the weekly columns they publish in their local newspapers or present on the web. The smiling faces in these columns are intended to do no more than familiarize the public with them. Once our column grasps readers’ attention with a picture, byline, and a bold-faced headline, we provide them with substantive text that thoroughly informs, educates and entertains. Each weekly column helps to explain the advertiser’s business or profession in ways that helps readers better understand exactly what our clients can do for them. Written about a different subject each week, these informative pieces help our clients to sell themselves to the public. In fact, our clients include automobile dealerships, auto repair shops, technicians, detailers, and others, who will tell you that it takes more than a swimsuit model to sell a car. 

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