Sunday, February 5, 2017


One of the more troubling issues to recently come to light in the public discourse is “fake news”, which involves the use of websites to deliberately disseminate hoaxes, propaganda, and misinformation. Unlike satire, which is designed to entertain, fake news is designed to mislead. The problem is that many people cannot tell the difference between what is fact and what clearly is not fact. In this social media age, when information is given no more scrutiny than a passing glance and no more thought than that given the selection of a cup of coffee, much fake news is accepted at face value.

Why do I bring this subject up? For decades, our advertising firm has been charged with the responsibility of delivering factual information to the public on behalf of our clients. We take this responsibility very seriously. Unlike the anonymous postings that one sees on various fake-news websites, we put a name and even a face to the information that we present. Backed by scrupulous attention to reliable sources, the information that we put before the public can be substantiated. At Syndicated Ad Features, we take pride in what we do and can only hope that readers will hold other news providers accountable for their content. 

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