Monday, January 2, 2017


One of the primary advantages of advertising in a local newspaper is that both paid and free circulating papers reach the majority of homes in their communities. People who read these papers are the potential customers, clients, and patients that local advertisers want. Weekly newspapers, in particular, get read because people want to know what is going on around their home towns. Aside from learning what events are taking place and how public affairs may impact them, they also want to know what local stores, businesses, and service providers are offering.
Not only do local newspapers have excellent penetration, they have both permanence and desired obsolescence. A newspaper will remain in the home, where it is referenced, read and reread, and clipped, until the next issue comes and the old paper is discarded. Instead of a fleeting TV image, a newspaper becomes a fixture in the home that encourages the habit to read.
On top of that, newspapers offer our clients flexible rates and sizing, as well as preferred placement possibilities. All these advantages add up to an advertising medium that is hard to beat.

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