Sunday, December 4, 2016


Some of the most successful advertising campaigns in history have tied a product or service to a face or persona who represents the brand. For instance, Wendy’s has had the red-haired daughter of the restaurant chain’s creator in its commercials, while Colonel Sanders’ mustachioed face is at the center of all of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s advertising. The fact is that we humans respond to faces more than, perhaps, to any other visual stimuli. When confronted with a face, it is nearly impossible for the onlooker not to be drawn to the eyes and make some sort of connection.

Our advertising strategy enables our clients to take advantage of this human response by placing their photographs at the head of every one of the ads that we provide for them to run in their newspapers. Each of these head shots is followed by our client’s name and a bold-face headline that is designed to catch reader interest. After viewing each new and different weekly column, readers are likely to give at least one more glance back at the picture and make the association between the copy and its author.

In this way, we help our clients to establish their personal brand. In time, they may come to be as recognizable as any local personality or celebrity.   

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