Sunday, November 6, 2016


While most consumers regard pop-up ads and radio/TV commercials to be intrusive, many readers pick up a local newspaper with the intent of finding coupons and advertising. With this in mind, we, at Syndicated Ad Features, have long encouraged our clients to advertise strategically in local weeklies. By placing their advertising in sections of the paper that are most inherently aligned with their profession or business, our clients can expect to attract readers who are likely to be the most interested in their service or product.

As an example, many of our automobile-related clients run their weekly information-based advertising in the automotive sections of their local newspapers. This categorical positioning is likely to draw readers interested in either buying/selling vehicles or repairing/maintaining or modifying them. Against this background, our clients place their pictures, names, and attention-grabbing headlines with copy that is written to appeal to readers’ automotive interests. Over time, these advertising pieces give the impression that our clients are experts in their field, specialists who can be counted upon for good advice and direction.

This simple formula has served out clients well over the decades, and continues to be a model of successful advertising for small business owners and professionals.

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