Monday, October 3, 2016

WHAT SETS YOU APART? by David Margolis

You take great pride in the fact that you pour every ounce of yourself into your business or profession to ensure that your customers, patients, or clients are treated to the best possible experience. When it comes to advertising, you wonder how a marketing firm can properly present you to the public as the knowledgeable expert that you are. After all, how can an advertising business with thousands of clients properly focus on you, the individual?

We begin by putting a picture of your smiling face, as well as your name in bold type, in the header of every piece of advertising that is placed on your website, on Facebook or run in your local newspaper. Next, we ask you to select a title for your weekly column that will properly and accurately reflect you and your business or profession. Then, each week, we provide you with fresh copy that is specific to the work you do. We will discuss the products, practices and techniques that you employ and how they benefit your customers, patients, or clients. We will look into
 the future of your profession or business and discuss advancements and issues that impact what you do. Readers will not only find the copy that we provide to be interesting, but they will rely on it to keep them informed. In time, readers will regard you to be the local expert in your field or business, someone they can trust. They will recognize your face, know your name, and understand what you can do for them. We set you apart. 

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