Sunday, September 4, 2016


When we first approach business owners and professionals with our advertising program, they often question whether they can afford our plan. We counter by asking if they can afford not to use us. The fact is that most small business owners and professionals cannot put the time, money, and effort that is needed, into advertising to make it successful. If so, they may be putting good money after bad into advertising that fails to pay for itself with increasing profits.

To help put our clients on the right advertising track, Syndicated Ad Features not only provides them with a proven strategy, we make it affordable. We perform in much the same way as an in-house advertising department. We feature our clients’ photographs, along with their bylines and headlined copy that is customized to their specific business, service, or profession. While we do all the coordination and shipping, we let our clients deal directly with the local newspaper-r, so that they can get the best possible rates, without the expense of a middleman. All this expertise comes our clients’ way without the need for added staff, office space, or time. Of course, we invite our clients’ input, but otherwise they are free to do what they do best, while we do what we do best.    

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