Sunday, July 31, 2016


One of the primary tenets of any advertising strategy is “consistency”. Consumers are constantly being barraged with all manner of ads. In an attempt to capture their attention, some advertisers roll the dice with large, full-page ads that they hope will pay off in a big way. In many cases, they fail to produce the desired results, because readers just happen to not read the paper that day, or they simply are not interested in what the ad has to say. If, for these or any number of other reasons, a big ad goes largely unnoticed, there is no “plan B”. The fact is that many business owners sink huge portions of their advertising budgets into large ads, which turn out to be something of a gamble.

A far better approach consists of running smaller ads frequently and consistently. By showcasing a format that generally appears in the same section of the local newspaper every week, advertising professionals create a pattern that readers are able to recognize and follow. While there is consistency in the advertising placement and frequency, each advertisement is different from the one that preceded it, thus assuring continuing reader interest.

At Syndicated Ad Features, we provide our clients with an effective, high-profile strategy that fits a modest budget. We believe that many well-placed, smaller ads will outperform larger, more sporadic advertisements. Our record proves us correct.

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