Sunday, July 3, 2016


Every professional copywriter knows that there are numerous strategies that he or she can use to increase product awareness and promote sales. For instance, those who want to promote their wrinkle-removal businesses might be inclined to use the “before and after” approach. Nearly everyone is familiar with those ads showing the sad face of the “before” client, followed by the glowing countenance of the smooth-faced, smiling “after” photo of that same person. Then, there is the “empathy” approach, in which the ad brings us near to tears with heart-rending images of puppies, babies, and even senior citizens. And, of course, our celebrity-obsessed culture seems unable to get enough “testimonials” from famous people. There are also “demonstration” ads that show us how easy and effective a product is, “comparison” ads, and “negative to positive” ads that are intended to change minds.

We use none of these strategies. If anything, we have modified the “advice” advertising strategy to our clients’ advantage. We enable them to inform potential clients, patients, and consumers about what they can do to meet their particular needs. Columns generally explain what each of our clients does and how it may prove to benefit the lives of our readers - whether it is a recommendation from a pharmacy client about which medication to take or guidance on financial planning from a financial adviser. We believe that people appreciate fact-driven advice and value those who dispense it.

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