Sunday, June 5, 2016


As they say, “sex sells”. So do glossy images that arouse the dreams and desires of those who see them on the page or on the screen. However, neither we nor our clients feel that this superficial advertising approach serves their best interests. Our aim is to provide the public with information that it can use to make important consumer decisions. We believe that the readers and viewers of our informative material will come to appreciate our intelligent approach enough to become avid fans of the weekly columns that we provide to our clients.

Each column presents a different aspect of our clients business and profession to the public. For instance, dentists using our advertising strategy might talk about teeth-whitening one week, and tooth implants the next. These may be followed in succeeding weeks by such topics as nighttime tooth grinding (bruxism), gum disease’s possible link to heart disease, oral care for infants and toddlers, root-canal therapy, and a host of other pertinent subjects. Going beyond merely mentioning these topics and issues, columns explain causes, symptoms, treatments, and other information that readers can use to familiarize themselves with our client’s business, services, and profession.

Over time, the columns that our clients use to advertise themselves will come to be regarded as a resource, to which readers will refer for “expert” knowledge. Whether you are a financial adviser, lawyer, ophthalmologist, pharmacist, plastic surgeon, real estate broker/agent, wine merchant, home decorator, hearing specialist, insurance agent, physician, auto dealer/technician, beauty salon owner, drycleaner, veterinarian, or other professional, we have up-do-date advertising copy that is geared toward promoting your interests.

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