Sunday, May 1, 2016


Generally speaking, most business people regard advertising as a necessary, but high-cost, part of doing business. Aside from having to pay a publisher or other platform operator for media space, there is the considerable added expense of assembling a creative team. Even then, there is no absolute assurance that the approach taken by an advertising department will be effective. If not, it is back to the drawing board, as an in-office advertising department must devote more time and expense toward getting the tone and content right. With all these dollars and efforts being expended, it is no wonder that small business owners and professionals with limited budgets and advertising resources turn to Syndicated Ad Features.

To begin with, we let our clients deal with publishers directly. That way, the people we serve get the most advertising space for the least amount of money. Next, we serve as our clients’ advertising departments; yet take up none of their brick-and-mortar space. Nor do we ask that our clients do anything more than review our copy prior to publication. Our fresh, new, concise, and informative content goes directly to our clients and their publishers, ready for print or website insertion. Lastly, our approach has been proven to be effective.

Advertising is a critical part of a business plan. Let us take that responsibility off your hands.

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