Sunday, April 3, 2016


Are you happy to watch reruns on TV? Do you enjoy listening to your friend tell the same old joke, over and over again? Does your dinner menu at home consist of the same food, night after night? I hope that I have made my point. No one really likes repetition when it comes to information and entertainment. As far as business is concerned, every professional wants a repeat customer, but repetitious advertising is something to be avoided. Readers are likely to gloss over newspaper advertising that says the same thing, over and over (“Sofa and Loveseat $599!!!!!!!). 

 On the other hand, repetition should not be confused with consistency. In order to make an impression, advertising must consistently make its way to reader’s eyes. To be relevant, our clients’ must maintain a steady presence in the media. On the other hand, in order to draw reader interest, the advertising copy must be fresh. To this end, we provide our clients with content that changes and doesn’t repeat. Each piece of advertising copy is first run and first rate. As a result, readers are not only happy to read what our clients have to say, but they actually look forward to seeing something new and different, week after week.    

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