Sunday, January 3, 2016


When Canon hired Andre Agassi to launch their new Canon Rebel camera in 1989, television ads compelled public attention with the slogan “Image is Everything”. In the years since then, we have come to see just how prophetic those words would be. In this era of cell phone cameras, reality TV, Facebook, and other social media, the American public has come to be consumed with image. In some respects, like the proverbial tree falling in the woods without someone nearby to hear it, if you do not have an image to present to the world, you hardly exist. For better or worse, you had better have a series of attractive selfies in your online portfolio if you expect to garner any sort of attention.

While projecting an attractive, wholesome, serious or other image used to be solely the concern of big business, even today’s adolescents know the importance of “branding” oneself. These days, all it seemingly takes to launch a brand is an ever-increasing number of “followers” who “like” amusing or outrageous posts on Twitter. From such “imagined” beginnings sprout empires that include clothing lines, cosmetics, promotional appearances, TV programs, and more.

With this mind, it is important to note that, since our inception, Syndicated Ad Features has recognized the importance of image and branding. Our advertising format has consistently featured our clients’ photos and bylines at the top of each of the columns we provide. By consistently putting our clients’ faces and names in front of the public, we help them to create a brand that prospective consumers, clients, and patients can relate to. Even better, instead of relying on sensationalism, our clients connect themselves to informative copy that bolsters their image as experts in their fields and professions. You see, we all believe in something called “substance”, in addition to image.

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