Sunday, November 29, 2015


While business people, professionals, and service providers may be expert at what they do, they do not always have the time or communicative ability to fully explain to the public how knowledgeable and competent they actually are. That is where we come in. Syndicated Ad Features is in the business of placing our clients in the public eye and explaining what it is that they do. This information cannot be contained in a single advertisement. It takes consistent and frequent exposure to get the word out to readers that our clients are experienced, fully capable, current, and trustworthy.

In time, readers of this advertising come to understand the finer points of their particular field or profession. In many cases, our columns answer questions that have yet to be asked. The subject matter in our ghostwritten columns is carefully researched and designed to capture reader interest. When combined with their photos and bylines, our advertising gives readers a full picture of our clients’ abilities. The more readers know about who our clients are and what they do, the more inclined they will be to connect.  

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