Sunday, January 31, 2016


One of the first questions that we have all been asked when we meeting someone new is: “What do you do?” If you answered, “I am a dentist”, your response may have been met with a resounding “oh”. In the face of such limited reaction, a dentist (or dermatologist or hearing specialist or interior decorator or optician or physical therapist or any other professional) can only wish that he or she had the time to explain what (s)he really does. For instance, aside from filling cavities, a dentist can cosmetically restore damaged and lost teeth, diagnose oral cancer, treat sleep apnea, prevent tooth grinding with a custom mouth guard, help pregnant patients deal with the potential complications of gum disease, and even prolong life by outfitting edentulous seniors with replacement teeth that enable them to eat nutritious foods. In many cases, dentists are as much artists as they are technicians. But, of course, few business people or professionals have the time to explain all this to the public.

Then again, our clients have a special opportunity provided by our advertising. Each of the weekly columns that we deliver to our clients is filled with information that deals with his or her field of endeavor. The topics, which vary from week to week, provide readers with details, insights, and ideas that each of our clients confronts on a regular basis. In time, after reading these information-based articles, readers come to know exactly what each of our clients does. These priceless pieces of information go a long way toward helping the public know and trust the people behind their advertising.

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