Sunday, May 3, 2015


Professionals and service providers must utilize advertising to sell themselves as much as their products and services. Unless a consumer is intent on purchasing a specific product at the lowest possible price (and is simply a price shopper), he or she will want to do business with a reputable and experienced individual who can best deliver the goods. Consumers, clients and patients want to be able to trust that the person with whom they are doing business, or from who they are receiving services, is fully up-to-date, well versed in his or her field of endeavor, and is worthy of their confidence.

With an eye toward establishing the trust that consumers, clients, and patients need to work with our advertisers, Syndicated Ad Features offers a program that familiarizes their target audience with our clients and their services. Not only does every advertisement that we provide to each of our clients include his or her picture and byline, but every column is custom tailored to showcase and explain the work (s)he does and the service provided. After weeks, months, and years of seeing our clients and hearing what they have to say for themselves, readers feel that they have come to know our advertisers and believe in what they have to say.

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