Sunday, January 11, 2015


by David Margolis, President
While Syndicated Ad Features provides customized advertising content that can be placed on a variety of media platforms, our experience tells us that maintaining a continued presence in local dailies and weeklies offers the most advertising bang for the buck. 
Targeted Print Advertising
To begin with, unlike passive TV watchers and Internet surfers, newspaper readers are actively combing their papers for news, information, and local promotions. While advertisement placement in a local paper does not necessarily ensure that readers will take notice, proper placement, coupled with our eye-catching ads and proactive reader attitude, certainly increases the odds. That is, we encourage our clients to place their ads in the section of the newspaper that is most similar in content to their own. Doing so increases the chances that readers will welcome our clients’ columns, instead of regarding them as intrusions. Advertisers can target their intended audiences even further, by taking advantage of placement in special sections that appeal to certain reader interests or locations. 
Finally, advertising on a regular basis in a local newspaper builds our clients’ stature and reputation where it matters most. In time, positive relationships with members of the community build a loyal customer base and the trust needed to do business together.
Targeted Newspaper Marketing and Advertising

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