Sunday, May 31, 2015


Newspaper readers are often drawn to the editorial page, where they view “opinion pieces” which are written by respected members of the editorial staff or others. These editorial columns are easily distinguishable from other pieces by virtue of the writer’s picture, a column heading in bold type, and the writer’s byline at the top of the column. This format has come to represent carefully considered, authoritative offerings that readers deem to be worthy of their attention.

It is no accident that we at Syndicated Ad Features offer this same editorial format to each of our clients in every column that we provide for them. This presentation is designed not only to immediately capture the reader’s attention, but also to make them wholly aware of who is writing the piece and what he or she looks like. Placing our client’s name and photograph in front of readers’ eyes helps them to identify and bond with our client. The fresh and interesting client-specific information that follows the headline and byline in each editorial-style advertisement is designed to educate readers and earn their trust.

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