Sunday, December 21, 2014


by David Margolis, President

If you think that newspapers have become irrelevant, ask yourself what has replaced them as a source of credible reporting. The Internet may be rife with all sorts of gossip, frivolity, rage, and innuendo, but how much of it can be believed any more than can water cooler conversation? The fact is that readers still rely on newspapers and news services for the facts - whether they read it online or in print publications. 
Not only do a majority of adults (69 percent) read newspaper media content in print or online during a typical week, but most young adults (59 percent), between the ages of 18 and 24, access newspaper media content in print or on mobile devices. All this means that the way that people access newspaper content may be changing, but the news content that adult readers seek remains largely the same. 
If anything, readership of local weekly newspapers may be higher and more loyal than that for the dailies. Where else can people turn for local news that is bundled into a format that is easy to read and entertaining? That is why for years we at Syndicated Ad Features have been placing our clients in weekly newspapers with advertising copy that builds readership. This advertising strategy continues to work for our clients and can for you as well!

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