Sunday, November 16, 2014


If you are small-business owner, service provider, or degreed/certified professional, there is a good chance that there are businesses or professionals in your area whom you view as competitors. Whether your relationship with them is amicable or cut-throat, you are vying with them to gain customers, clients or patients from a finite pool of possibilities. So, how do you advertise? Do you match or beat their prices? Do you advertise head-to-head on the same page? Do you differentiate yourself? Do you make audacious bids for business with spectacular sales?

At Syndicated Ad Features, we suggest that our clients relax and be themselves. We encourage this approach because no one advertises quite like we do. Our program does not necessarily cost more. It simply makes the most of the allotted space by sticking with the basic elements of all successful advertising. Our editorial-style advertising immediately identifies our clients, their names, their business or profession, their experience and expertise, their location, hours, specialties, and even prices (if so desired). All this can be accomplished in a few inches of advertising space as long as it follows our format and runs regularly (once a week).

Beyond that, what sets our clients apart from the competition, is that no one else in your
area will be allowed to use our special and effective form of advertising. You, alone, will become the most recognizable person in your chosen field without ever competing directly with your rivals. 
If you feel that you are wasting your advertising dollar on ineffective advertising, try our program for one year. You have little to lose and everything to gain.    


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