Sunday, October 19, 2014


Price is always a concern in the minds of consumers. This drives many to make their purchasing decisions on the basis of very little else. In that case, the advertiser with the lowest price wins. However, not everyone wants to be riding on the cheapest tire or even wants to be buying an orchid in the local supermarket that has very little chance of surviving. As the old joke goes, no one wants to be driving over an expansion bridge that was built by the contractor who submitted the lowest bid.

Along with most of the reading public, we believe that informed consumers make the best decisions for themselves. With this in mind, we supply our clients with advertising copy that specifically informs readers about their products and services. For instance, our orthopedic surgeon clients regularly talk about hip-replacement surgery, bone-density testing, disc herniation, and other topics that impress readers with their knowledge and competency. We also have clients that are florists, who use the information contained in their tailor-made advertising to inform readers about how to take care of their orchid plants under a variety of conditions. Car dealers talk about vehicle maintenance and repair, while our real estate brokers inform local readers about various buying and selling strategies and details. The list goes on and on. We write copy for dozens of categories - from financial advisers and dentists to hairdressers and caterers.

We take your work seriously because you do. Our advertising reflects both of our serious intents so that consumers and prospective clients can better appreciate our clients and what they do.

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