Sunday, September 21, 2014


by David Margolis, President
In order for advertising to be successful, it must first capture reader/listener/viewer attention. In pursuing this goal, advertisers are likely to dangle cute puppies, scantily clad women and/or outrageously funny situations in front of consumers. Sometimes, advertisers need not do anything more clever or inventive than make loud noise to draw attention to what they have to say. In any case, once the consumer is drawn in, it is advertising’s next job to make a product (or service) seem so irresistible that consumers feel that they must have it. Then, the whole experience must be inextricably linked with a name. 
The problem, in many cases, is that consumers may remember the adorable image or catchy jingle and fail to connect it with the name of the product. Sure, the commercial showing the baby pushing the bowl of dog food in front of the little puppy was cute, but what was the name of that dog food again?... or was that a diaper commercial? I forget.
With our advertising program, the connection is made and there is no forgetting. Each and every one of our clients’ advertisements begins with the picture and name of the advertiser. That way, readers know whom they are talking to. Next, the conversation begins with a bold headline that captures reader interest and concisely tells the reader what is on the advertiser’s mind. Picture, byline, and bold headline are followed by cogent copy that discusses some aspect of the advertiser’s business or field of endeavor. Once the reader digests what the advertiser has to say, he or she is left with greater understanding of who the advertiser is and what (s)he has to offer. The connection is made. 
As succeeding advertisements follow, week after week, with the exact same format but with entirely new copy, the reader begins to look forward to the conversation. As trust, familiarity, and understanding builds, prospects of business rise. Honesty and subtlety do have their places in advertising.

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