Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Success Can Breed Yours

by David Margolis, President

Since Syndicated Ad Features was incorporated, in 1967, this country has been through six recessions (seven, if you count the recession of 1980-1982 as two). As if you need to be reminded, the last of these downturns in the business cycle was so severe that it earned the name “Great Recession”, because it was the worst and longest recession since the Great Depression. Yet, we are still here, as are a host of our clients. 

We have endured because we have an advertising program for small businesses and professionals that works. Our formula for success calls for our clients to regularly and steadfastly attach their names and images to our interesting, informative, and entertaining advertising copy and use it to make themselves well-known to prospective consumers, clients and patients. There are no gimmicks or promises of instant success. We recognize that long-lasting accomplishment must be predicated on hard work and commitment. If you allow us to do the work, and if you commit to our program, we can ensure that your visibility and status as an expert in your field will rise in the minds of all readers within your chosen media reach. 

We certainly would not have been as successful as we have, for as long as we have, if we did not offer an excellent and effective advertising program at a very reasonable price. We are not a Fortune 500 company, nor do we count them among our clients. We navigate the same waters as those we serve, which makes us more attentive to our clients’ needs and experiences. 

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