Sunday, July 13, 2014

Get with the Program!

by David Margolis, President

Is your newspaper advertising getting the desired results? Are people walking through your doors because your advertising has told them that you are the best person to give them the products and services they want or need? If not, how about taking a few moments to reevaluate your advertising strategy. Let’s begin by reminding you that our agency has been around for many decades because we have proven ability. We are not going to suggest that you spend more money to attract more business. In fact, if you are already placing ads in the newspaper, you may not have to spend appreciably more to make the dollars you are now spending more effective. 
The key to our success is that we offer our clients a program that assures they
will maintain a visible profile in the public’s eye, based on our ability to provide them with an attention-grabbing format and arresting copy that is capable of holding their interest. We do all the legwork and our clients have final approval. In time, the trust we cultivate with our clients allows them to free themselves from advertising responsibilities and focus on what they do best. 

So, if you have been using the same tired old formula, without much to show for it, you owe it to your business to try us for one year. We think that is time enough for you to notice that our program can make a difference. 

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