Sunday, May 4, 2014


By David Margolis, President
Syndicated Ad Features

To be perfectly honest, some of the advertising we see in the print media and elsewhere comes off as a bit clownish. Of course, this is intentional, in many cases, as advertisers love to use humor to get their messages across to the public. When done effectively, humor works very well because everyone likes to be amused and have a laugh. If an advertiser can get his or her message across at the same time, humor has worked to further the advertiser’s goals. In fact, one of our own advertising categories features humorous cartoons that are designed to capture the reader’s attention and provoke a smile. However, humor may not always be the best approach. For instance, there may be professionals (orthopedic surgeons, lawyers, chiropractors, psychologists, pharmacists, etc.) or business owners (funeral directors, jewelers, real estate brokers, etc.) for whom a more serious approach works better.

The copy that Syndicated Ad Features provides to our clients is informative and specific to their businesses, services or professions, without being dry. For example, many of the auto dealerships who advertise with us provide interesting information about vehicle purchasing, repair and maintenance that readers find useful. When one of our columns explains exactly what a “CHECK ENGINE” light means, readers are generally thankful that our advertisers have enlightened them - even if it is in only some small way. They might even be inclined to read next week’s column to find out something else that our “auto expert” has to say that may be of interest to them. Then, when the time comes to have their car serviced or repaired, guess who they will call.    

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