Sunday, April 7, 2019

GIVE THEM THE INFORMATION THEY WANT! by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

Since the 1970’s, technical advances in computer microminiaturization and the proliferation of the Internet have given birth to the “information age”. As energy and interest shift away from making widgets and toward the dissemination of information, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the written word remains king. After all, what are we using these digital devices for? We Google for consumer information and Bing for travel facts. We want to know how much calcium we should be getting in our diets and how long a hip implant can be expected to last. Is acetaminophen toxic in large doses? If so, how large of a dose poses a risk? What is the single most common cause of low-back pain? What exactly is a cataract? What does LASIK entail? What is the most common wood used for kitchen cabinets? How much life insurance should I have? How many years will a face-lift erase? Can a physical therapist recommend effective prevention and treatment for heel pain?

Readers of our advertising copy know the answers to these questions and thousands of
others that they haven’t yet asked. This certainly is a source of pride for our clients, whom readers regard as experts in their fields. The fact is that Syndicated Ad Features provides its clients with well-researched content related to their specific businesses and professional endeavors, which they then run as their own weekly columns in newspapers. We provide information that readers want. The columns can also be run on our clients’ Internet websites. The media may differ, but all require worthwhile information to keep readers engaged. Much may have changed, since the invention of the printing press, but the need for quality content has remained constant. 

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