Monday, March 25, 2019

HOW DID YOU GET HERE? by David Margolis, President, Syndicated Ad Features

The Internet is a vast universe that must be knowledgably navigated. Otherwise, it is possible to arrive at a destination by surfing the ‘net and relying on chance. So, unless you can guide someone directly to your business’ website, you are relying on potential customers/patients/clients ability to type just the right search words into their search engines. Your business or profession is too important to leave your Internet advertising to chance.

The key to unlocking your Internet website can be found in your local newspaper. That is where the weekly column provided by Syndicated Ad Features can direct readers to your website. 

Does it seem odd that a traditional medium can prove so effective in wringing the most potential from one of the newest? Odd or not, local newspapers draw readers that advertisers value most- local readers, who want goods and services in close proximity.
Local newspaper advertising is also cost effective. It only takes the money needed to purchase a few inches of space to attract reader attention and direct it to the Internet where advertisers are free to provide as much information as they choose. Syndicated Ad Features does its part by putting their clients’ faces and names before readers’ eyes and keeping their attention with timely and interesting copy. If readers want more, advertisers need only direct them to the associated website. 

This way, our clients have their cake and eat it, too. For relatively little cost, they attract the readers they want and give them all the information they need.

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