Sunday, September 9, 2018

LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN! by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

Do you have a friend whom you look forward to speaking with on a regular basis? Sure you do. It’s very likely that this person has the ability to engage you with his or her happy disposition and stimulating, thought-provoking conversation. In fact, your interactions may even spur you to action of one sort or another. If all this sounds natural and familiar to you, it is even more so to us. Relationships such as these serve as the basis for our advertising model at Syndicated Ad Features.

Each week, our clients are provided with interesting copy that engages reader interest and adds to reader knowledge about our clients’ particular profession, business, and/or field of expertise. It is certainly no small matter that our clients’ eye-catching photos accompany their weekly columns, along with their bylines. This format ensures that readers know whom they are talking to, what they do, and what they look like. Everyone likes to put a face with a voice… er… printed words. In fact, local readers may become so familiar with our clients and what they have to say that they may stop them on the street and compliment them on their columns. That’s effective advertising!

Of course, reader interest quickly wanes when presented with repetitive content. That is why we supply our clients with new, informative, and interesting copy on a variety of subjects (in their field of choice) week after week. This continual stream of appealing text is what is ultimately responsible for familiarizing readers with our clients’ products and services, which builds an enduring relationship. Our clients become the friend whose face and words readers look forward to seeing on a regular basis—just like a friend should be. 

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