Sunday, August 26, 2018

SETTING YOUR SITE ON CONTENT, By David Margolis, President, Syndicated Ad Features

Now that you have set up a website for your business or practice congratulations! You are well on your way to taking full advantage of the greatest advertising medium since television. And, like TV, your website needs new and interesting content to attract readers and keep their interest. After all, we all may watch a TV rerun once in a while, but our attention is certainly going to wander if that is all we are presented with. Similarly, once readers see all the interesting pictures and graphics on your site and have read all the content, they will want something fresh the next time.

The content we provide is selected and designed to slake reader thirst for something new and interesting. Aside from giving readers thought-provoking content, our copy can help point the way to new avenues of approach to your services and products, as well as new reasons to seek you out. Once readers find that they have something new and different to learn by reading (y)our content, they will be more inclined to make it their business to return for more. 

Ask anyone who runs a television or radio station, and he or she will tell you that Content is King! As long as it grabs attention and remains relevant, it has the power to steer consumers, clients, and patients toward products and services that will benefit them. The price we pay for this power is finding ways to feed the monster. Syndicated Ad Features offers its clients an endless supply of advertising content at reasonable cost. When utilized wisely and consistently, it will more than pay for itself many times over. 

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