Sunday, March 23, 2014


Regular readers of our clients’ advertising columns know that each is headed by a picture of the advertiser. I hope that my own smiling visage (pictured above) provides good evidence that it is always nice to be greeted with a friendly smile. It helps to put a face (pun intended) to the name and provide readers with a better understanding of who we are.

This straightforward approach, which includes a bold headline and ensuing succinct copy, does not rely on gimmicks or hyperbole. Instead, we help our clients to foster a better understanding of who they are, and what they do, by supplying the readers of their customized columns with pertinent information about their businesses and professions. Week after week, our columns explain a different aspect of our clients’ services, techniques, and products - with the goal of furthering understanding. In this way, readers get to know our clients nearly as thoroughly as if they were to meet them in person and ask direct questions.

This approach to advertising takes commitment, because “consistency” is one of the most important words in advertising. It takes time to build knowledge and trust. A hit-or-miss approach won’t work unless you are giving something away. We are looking to establish a more permanent relationship.  

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