Saturday, October 5, 2013

by David Margolis, President

If they want to successfully market their services and products to the public, business owners and professionals must first market themselves. Even when presented with the best deals possible, consumers are going to balk, or at least think twice, about doing business with someone with whom they do not share some kind of bond.

One of the best ways for advertisers to establish a rapport with prospective consumers, clients, and patients involves placing their faces before the public. Not only are readers drawn to faces, before all else, on the printed (or cyber) page, they draw conclusions about what they see. It is only human nature for us to see a face and think to ourselves, “now (s)he seems to be someone with whom I could do business”.

Thus, one of the cornerstones of the marketing strategy that we provide our clients is placing their face and name first and foremost at the top of each and every customized column that we supply them with. However, we do not stop there. Because our clients need something new and different to say, each and every time they advertise, Syndicated Ad Features supplies interesting, informational copy each week that readers interpret as our client’s own words.

Seeing someone and listening to what he or she has to say is the best way to gain familiarity and trust.        

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