Monday, June 10, 2013

“Newspapers – the Best Choice”

It always amazes me when people say that newspapers are no longer an effective advertising vehicle. In conjunction with the Newspaper Association of America, Scarborough Research, in a recent study, found that newspapers still deliver far more sales prospects than any other media.

On a typical day, 42 million people visit; 60 million watch a reality TV show; while 100 million people read a newspaper. On a day that is not typical, 45 million people watch the Grammy awards; 63 million watch the World Series; 94 million watch the Super Bowl, and still in all, 100 million read a newspaper. In cities and towns throughout the United States, businesses still reach the largest audience possible by placing ads in their local newspaper. When cost effective market reach, and real results are needed, newspapers deliver. Those same surveys showed that twice as many consumers believe that newspaper advertising is trustworthy compared to their opinion of radio or TV ads.

Three quarters of the residents in typical local markets read their newspaper in print or on line each week. Newspapers offer the highest quality audience as we
ll. Your best sales prospects are newspaper readers. They are more educated and more affluent, have the means to buy, and are the most avid newspaper readers.

Another misguided conception is that only old people read newspapers. The statistics show that, in a typical week, two thirds of young adults aged 18 to 34, read a newspaper in print or on line. As result, newspaper advertising is the best way for advertisers to reach the critical mass of young people in the market.

Also, newspapers are not going out of business. Most newspapers continue to be quite profitable with operating margins that average in the low to mid teens.

Newspapers offer contract advertising and rate programs that will accommodate the budget and marketing objective of businesses that are both – big and small.  At Syndicated Ad Features, we are able to create highly effective advertising campaigns in relatively small amounts of newspaper space.

The bottom line – for cost effective market reach and real results, newspapers deliver and, for the most cost effective market reach, and real results, Syndicated Ad Features delivers for you in those same newspapers. 

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