Sunday, July 29, 2018

WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU! by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

The Internet is relatively new and exciting, but does it deliver the goods to advertisers? That's the question advertisers must ask themselves when they commit to advertising on an Internet site other than their own. The commercial site often cannot guarantee how many eyeballs it will attract until after the fact. On top of that, Internet sites cannot define their audiences to the degree that most advertisers find necessary. Also, there is always the problem that ads on the Internet sites rotate, which makes it difficult to say when a particular ad will appear before the target audience. 

Then, there are newspapers. Not only are local papers able to deliver an audience of loyal readers who subscribe to the publication, they are able to deliver a quantifiable audience of interested readers. Unlike the Internet, newspapers often place our clients' advertising in the same section, on request, week after week, so that advertisers can be reasonably assured that readers know where and how to find them. Newspapers are also delivered at predictable times, on a reliable basis, so that advertisers can be sure that their ads will appear with the frequency and predictability that assures consistent exposure. Ask any advertising sales person. The key to advertising success is consistency. Newspapers deliver! Use them to deliver readers to your website.

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