Sunday, February 25, 2018

WHO'S PAYING ATTENTION? by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

If you watch TV, you know that advertisers are doing everything in their power to attract your attention, from turning up the volume on their commercials, to using captivating visuals. The question is: Are you buying into what they are selling or are you using your remote control to switch the station as soon as there is a commercial break in the programming? Beyond that, it is fair to ask how much attention you pay to radio advertising, Internet and newspaper ads. More importantly, how much attention is the general public paying? 

According to a recent survey that appeared in AdWeek, consumers indicated that the types of advertising that they were most likely to ignore were Internet banner ads (43%), Internet
search engine ads (20%), TV ads (14%), radio ads (7%), newspaper ads (6%), and none of the above (9%). Thus, it is pretty fair to say that newspaper advertising is the most likely of these advertising forms to get noticed. Which would you put your money on?

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