Sunday, December 17, 2017

WHAT'S THE POINT? by David Margolis, President Syndicated Ad Features

Has your attention ever been grabbed by a headline that immediately leads you to read a column that provides no real answers or explanation until the final paragraph? Good advertising should be concise and worthy of the reader's time and attention. Syndicated Ad Features incorporates its client's picture and byline into an eye-catching format that leads with a headline and follows up with a concise and interesting column that is designed to educate the reader in 120 words or less. 

Over time, this series of information-based advertorials builds a personal relationship that leads the reading public to regard you, the advertiser, as having the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the service and/or product they want or need. That's the point! Branded content draws an audience that is more likely to purchase products and services.

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