Sunday, November 5, 2017

NOT “NEW AND IMPROVED”, by David Margolis, President, Syndicated Ad Features

By its very nature, our informational type of advertising assumes that readers of our clients’ advertisements are intelligent and inquisitive. When one of our dental clients runs a column on dental implants, the goal is to explain the implantation procedure and explore its advantages. The same might be said of our real estate clients, whose weekly columns help familiarize buyers and sellers with the importance of evaluating properties and facilitating sales. By the same token, the dermatologists among our clients run weekly columns that advise readers about wrinkle removal, skin cancer prevention and treatment,   and even new research that points to new treatments for inflammatory skin diseases (among a host of other pertinent topics).

We believe that, if we enable our clients to treat consumers with respect, their efforts will be rewarded. 

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