Sunday, October 8, 2017

INFORMATIONAL ADVERTISING by David Margolis, Syndicated Ad Features

We cannot lay claim to having produced the first piece of informational advertising. That distinction goes to the people at Vitamix Blender, who, in 1949,  showcased William G. “Papa” Barnard on TV demonstrating how the public could eat more healthfully.

However, 18 years later  in 1967, we at Syndicated Ad Features launched our first piece of informational advertising to our clients. What we knew, along with Mr. Barnard, was that people would be more apt to buy your product and services if you showed how they worked. Since then, we have been educating the reading public about what our clients do by explaining their experience, techniques, and materials with consumers.

In this “infomercial” age, we stand at the forefront of providing informational advertising to the public that helps our clients prosper. 

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