Sunday, September 10, 2017

FACE FIRST, by David Margolis, Syndicated Ad Features

We do not claim to have invented the “selfie,” but each of the advertisements run by our clients features a picture of his or her face at the top. The reasoning behind this effective self-promotion tactic is quite simple. We all feel compelled to look at faces. Starting as babies, we are fascinated by the human visage and feel the need to make a connection. If we look at two photos side by side, our gaze would be drawn to the one that has faces before we look at the one showing a landscape. When we scan a newspaper, a TV screen, or a billboard, our eyes are automatically drawn first to pictures of the human face.
            With this in mind, it has always been our policy to draw readers to the faces of our clients in their advertisements so that they can make a quick determination of accessibility and trust. To further flesh out our clients’ products, services, and abilities, we provide detailed text that explains what and how they can meet consumers’ needs. That way, consumers get the full picture.

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