Sunday, August 30, 2015


If you advertise, you want to know that your efforts give you the best possible chance of paying off. To ensure that our clients will meet their advertising goals, at Syndicated Ad Features, we have long advocated a program that is centered around placing custom feature ads in local weekly newspapers. Our experience has shown that this strategy puts our clients in the best possible position to get their names, faces, and businesses noticed by the greatest number of people in their local areas.

Our confidence is not only built on decades of positive experience, it is backed by the numbers. According to the most recent “Community Newspaper Facts & Figures” released by the National Newspaper Association, the total community newspaper readership in the U.S. is 150 million each week - which takes into account a 2.3 pass-along rate. Two-thirds of the adults who read these papers say that newspaper ads influence their purchasing decisions. These two statistics alone would seem to indicate that the eye-catching, informational, custom advertisements that we provide our clients each week are getting seen by the people whom our clients want most to attract.         

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