Sunday, February 23, 2014


Prior to the recent recession, consumer interest in buying American goods was largely motivated by patriotism. In the days since the recession started, the “buy local” movement has additionally been spurred by financial self-interest and survival. Consumers now want to spend their dollars in their own communities and invest in themselves. This may seem like a small, grassroots effort, but the sentiment is widespread.

According to a recent survey, nearly 90 percent of consumers surveyed indicated that they believe that small businesses contribute positively to their local communities. Moreover, a similar percentage said that small business success is a critical element of overall U.S. economic health, while more than 90 percent declared that they believed it important that people support the small businesses they value in their community. 

We at Syndicated Ad Features could hardly agree more! For nearly fifty years, we have advocated an advertising strategy that is designed to speak directly to and attract local consumers. Our simple format fits seamlessly into the folds of local newspapers all over the country where our clients advertise their specific products and services to local consumers. Our advertising is specific and personalized. Our intent is to cultivate a trusting relationship between our clients and their communities that results in mutual benefit and local growth.

We are glad that increasing numbers of Americans are joining the buy local effort.

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