Sunday, January 5, 2014


by David Margolis, President

In order to be effective, advertising must be focused and consistent. Campaigns that put all of the advertisers’ eggs in one basket are risky endeavors, at best. For these reasons, Syndicated Ad Features has developed a strategy that emphasizes continuity and works to get our clients locally recognized. Proper placement in local newspapers helps to attract readers with consistently interesting and informative advertising content that readers actually look forward to. To be successful, we have strived to develop a close working relationship with local newspapers all around the country.
One of the primary benefits that we derive from coordinating our efforts with local newspapers is that
our clients get more personalized service. As a result, our clients are more likely to be assured desirable placement. For instance, placing ads in sections with similar content helps our clients gear their advertising toward specific audiences. Once ad placement is secured, readers get to know where to find our clients’ informational pieces. This leads our clients toward building a readership base that guarantees they will get their message across. No other advertising strategy garners the type of brand recognition that we help our clients cultivate. There is no better way to steadily build a business or client base, regardless of cost.

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